Barton MP, Labor's Linda Burney is the first woman indigenous woman to to be elected to Federal Parliament. Ms Burney will be watching the election count from the Marrickville Golf Club. You can opt out at any time. "Barton is back where it belongs. On the question of a constitutionally entrenched Voice to Parliament, already being vehemently opposed by some Coalition politicians following Wyatt’s speech, Burney told Hatch: “One of the huge challenges is actually designing what the Voice will look like.

She tells me she finds the question difficult because the women who inspire her are not those who’re on the 7pm news every night. We can teach the rest of the world about respect.". Labor.

Barton is one of the most diverse electorates in Australia. On the other hand, there was still considerable work to be done, Burney said.

There are six candidates standing for Barton in election 2019: Linda Burney, Labor; Premej Shrestha, Liberal; Conor Parrisis, The Greens; Sonny Susilo, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group); Phillip Pollard, Paul Hanson's One Nation Party; Ben Tung Liu, The United Australia Party. Labor's Linda Burney has 59.01 per cent of the vote in Barton on a Two Party Count basis, and the Liberal's Pramej Shrestha 40.99 per cent.
Whether I  agree with it or not, in parts, is pretty irrelevant.

Barton has has candidates from the Chinese and Greek communities. At the federal level, Burney believes, a treaty “might also include, in some cases, redress or compensation”.

The win makes her the first Indigenous woman to be elected to the House of Representatives. See more of Linda Burney on Facebook. Aboriginal Affairs NSW What underpins that, is the power of decent education good health outcomes, good childcare so, those intrinsic things — a safe place to go, a culturally safe place to go for Aboriginal women.” Citing the justice system, Burney also acknowledges that, “Underneath that issue of safety sits a whole range of other issues that need to be addressed to make someone feel safe.”, She admits that neither major party would claim to have done enough in this area, but that this had been a result of the scale and complexity of the situation.

9.03pm ABC's Antony Green says it is very hard to see how Labor can reach government on the numbers seen at the moment: L/NP 70, ALP 62, 14 in doubt. Linda Burney MP is the federal member for Barton and Shadow Minister for Human Services. Linda was elected federal member for Barton in 2016, following a 14 year career in the NSW Parliament as Member for Canterbury. The MP added she “regularly” receives suggestions from the public. Listen: Why this year's Lamb Ad has been so controversial.

ABC's Antony Green says it is very hard to see how Labor can reach government on the numbers seen at the moment: L/NP 70, ALP 62, 14 in doubt. Linda Burney is the Shadow Minister for Human Services and the Federal Member of Barton. Burney said she was supportive of the actions of Cody Walker, Josh Addo-Carr and Will Chambers during the State of Origin, while playing down the significance of it.

Home Features Linda Burney shares her next steps after historic election win. The seat of Barton has been subject to major boundary changes in the 2016 election, replacing the Liberal two-party preferred margin of 0.3 per cent with an estimated Labor margin of 4.4 per cent.