Just two days ago I told my husband that if I’d known about this recipe earlier, I would quit buying boxed brownies a long time ago. I will have to try Krusteaz next. I do a lot of cooking and baking from scratch, but I’m with Jenny – there’s something so comforting about the ones from childhood. The triple chocolate or dark chocolate always make my brother happy. Whatever happened, it was magic. I like to use a coffee liqueur (like Tia Maria or kahlua) in place of vanilla extract in the recipe. David Lebovitz’s GF brownie recipe is amazing (so good that it’s our go-to brownie, even though we are not a GF household) – it doesn’t have any weird ingredients or alt flours.

They continue to cook after you take them out of the oven. #2: Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownies

What a cute idea! Two more taste tests: ice-cream sandwiches and jarred pasta sauce. And homemade brownies recipes: salted caramel brownies and brownies with buttermilk frosting.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree here because the Betty Crocker ones are the best. yeah, this is what my grandma always used and she also adds chips, and i still love it! Promise me anything, but give me underdone brownies. These are always a hit. Hahaha! Now I buy them pretty much weekly and are a staple to take to parties.

My son has celiac disease and I’m always looking for recommendations. P.S. It’s been featured on a previous Cup of Jo post and for good reason. May we please

My brownie go to is her all cocoa recipe. That right gave me the permission I didn’t know I needed to let boxed brownie mix into my life, and Ghirardelli became my new-mom, “I need chocolate now!” sanity saver. I haven’t made brownies in YEARS and then to read this today! Scrolling the comments to see if anyone else asked&got that answered!

I really want a brownie now, but there are none :(. These series’ are so fun!

But for year, my go-to was Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Chunk mix, slightly under baked for maximum fudginess. This is an exception to the rule!!!

I like less cakey ones too.

My brother-in-law has celiac disease. “I give it a 4.5.” (So close! 75mg sodium, 3% DV. so sorry offtopic but Jerrelle – what nailpolish are you wearing? I’m making them for book club tonight!

This is the recipe I’ve been using: http://www.simplemathbakery.com/blog/2010/02/28/olive-oil-brownies. Fudge” brownies. “Something special about this one,” she reported, clearly tapping into something sentimental. Ditto! THANK YOU. I was going to comment this too. Ali Stafford (alexandracoooks.com) posted them a few years ago on her blog, and I’ve been making them (with a little more time) ever since! It was the last one in the lineup, and it followed Duncan Hines, which was her childhood favorite (“I always remember Duncan Hines as the special one, the fancy one”), so this news was no small thing. Truly the best. I mix it all in a big Pyrex measuring cup. We love your book!

it is so SO GOOD. chocolate chunks #1: Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge (The Winner!)

Great texture. https://www.mangotomato.com/2015/09/double-dark-chocolate-olive-oil.html. I’ve gotta give it a 5.” Wow. She’s gotta check them out.

Especially when I add a teaspoon of instant espresso powder or swirl in some peanut butter! I agree brownies are simple to make, but I think the point of this post is that many actually prefer the taste of boxed mixes! It’s better than any other I’ve tried, and it’s 89 cents!!!

I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS. And though I applaud blind taste tests and quick fixes, I just can’t quit Deb Perelman’s favorite brownies: https://smittenkitchen.com/2012/08/my-favorite-brownies/.

I feel like I desperately need to know as it looks like the perfect neutral which is so hard to find.

Also a pantry staple for me.

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If you have a hankering for rich, fudgy brownies, you don’t have to break out all of your baking supplies.Keep the flour and the cocoa powder right where they are, because these boxed mixes make quick work of assembling a delicious treat your whole family will …

I have been buying those ridiculously expensive “brownie in a cup” things from Whole Foods just to achieve this. I agree! I think they’re the best box mix. When it is too fudgey all I can think about is that it’s not cooked enough and/or the egg balance is messed up. Sounds crazy but it is unbelievable!!! * When I was a kid we always used the recipe on the back of the baking chocolate box. Also my go to. I don’t know how the nutrition ultimately compares and I should probably just go for the regular boxes, but it made me feel less guilty when I ate almost half in one sitting. These are the ways we support Cup of Jo, and allow us to run the site and engage with this community we truly love. Just add yogurt! The Best Boxed Brownie Mix: A Taste Test! Trader Joe’s GLUTEN FREE Brownie Mix is hands down the best brownie you will ever taste, boxed or not. Extraaaaa fudgy! I get SO many compliments every time I make them & there are NEVER any leftovers. I was looking for a non-dairy brownie recipe and discovered the wonderful world of olive (or other) oil brownies.

The best I’ve had, though probably very expensive, are Williams Sonoma. ), I’d like to recommend Krusteaz brand.

I’ve tried the Betty Crocker gluten-free brownies (yellow box) and the mixing / add-ins are soooo different than glutenous brownies, but I actually like them better than any other box mix! I’ve been making those since I was a child and they’re still my favorite. Just as we figured.

That has saved my butt many, many times when i’ve needed a last-minute dessert. You can add the pulverized Oreos to any brownie mix, but BC is usually the easiest to find at our little neighborhood market. They are so easy! Thanks, CoJ!!

My family can’t tell if they are homemade or not. What Are Your Family’s Signature Dinners?