Student-paced, Interactive, and Fun German Language Learning! Every activity within the course is graded and each unit ends with a conversational Milestone that will help students gain confidence by reviewing what they’ve learned through a simulated conversation in German. B2The B2 level competency is required to study at most German universities. The Time4Languages online German course allows students to pause a lesson, repeat activities as often as needed, as well as skip lessons. Students are able to interact with the course by speaking into a microphone (either built-in on the computer or purchased separately) to ensure that their pronunciation is correct. C2At the C2 level, the most advanced level, the student will: • understand everything in German that they read and hear effortlessly • summarize information presented to them from a variety of sources, written and spoken, and, in doing so, synthesize correlating arguments as well as explanations • organically express themselves in a fluent and precise manner and articulate the finer nuances of complex arguments. Privacy Policy All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. An immersive environment teaches students by connecting words and phrases with images. The fourth grade German curriculum covers several areas: listening, speaking, writing, reading and culture. Since the initial stages of German language teaching in the early seventies, a number of changes occurred, which show that the inclination to become acquainted with German plays a very important role in the Maltese way of life. These events are an opportunity for our local groups to generate revenue which is used to help sustain us throughout the year and assist in sponsoring future events celebrating our German heritage. Time4Languages is a self-teaching program that allows K-12 students to learn at their own pace through engaging lessons. German ranks third in the list of most commonly taught languages, right behind English and French. Expected to ship on or about 12/11/20. Outline of course content: Friday 4 pm-10 pm The online German language course features an award-winning, proven method in which students will learn to speak and think in German. Availability: This product will be released on 07/06/21. Core Lessons will teach your student the German language. Everything you need to know about getting started, Trusted homeschool solution for over 1 million families, Help your children master difficult concepts and improve their grades, ($14.95 monthly for each additional student). Consult your tax advisor. Availability: Out of Stock. For example, A1.1 is a beginning class in the A1 level and A1.2 is the next class. Tuesday  closed German and English are similar in nature; in fact, both languages share 60% of their vocabulary. Hear about sales, receive special offers & more. Gallopade International / 2004 / Trade Paperback. • easily understand relatively long radio talks and radio programs. Enhance Your Curriculum with Foreign Language Learning, Per Student / Per Language6 months access, * Available to Time4Learning members only. Learning German can open up a whole world of opportunities, especially in the areas of tourism, trade, science and technology. This tool allows students to improve their pronunciation by recording and playing back their own voice in order to compare it with a native German speaker. A2 (Elementary: 4 parts from A2.1 through A2.4)In the next level, A2, the students will be able to: • extract relevant information from newspaper articles, emails, advertisements and public announcement boards, • understand the main content of everyday conversations, announcements and interviews on the radio, messages on the telephone and public announcements, • write messages related to their everyday environment, • pose and answer questions in conversations about themselves, converse about their own life and make agreements or negotiate with a conversation partner. Reading and writing are major focuses in the fourth grade. German-American Cultural Center in Gretna, Germania Lodge, No. Email: The Deutsches Haus’ language program is modeled after the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFRL) which provides for 6 levels of language proficiency. Time4Languages makes it simple for Time4Learning K-12 students to learn German or improve their German fluency. Deutsches Haus has grown into an organization with a mission to celebrate and foster the rich culture, musical heritage, language and history of the German people. Sunday 1 pm-6 pm, 1700 Moss Street Welcome to Homeschooling Guide German for Kids, German for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day, Modern Languages Study Guides: Das Leben der Anderen: Film Study Guide for AS/A-level German / Digital original - eBook, Name The Animals (German) [Music Download]. Wednesday  4 pm-9 pm Year 6 German: Second Language builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding required of students to communicate in the German language developed in Year 5 and focuses on extending their oral and written communication skills and their understandings of German language and culture. C1At the C1 level, the student will be able to: • understand a wide range of written texts, including longer, more complex factual texts, commentaries and reports, • express t clearly and logically in essays on complex issues, choosing the right kind of expression to appeal to the reader, • verbally express themselves spontaneously and fluently, state their own opinions, formulate their thoughts and views precisely and make detailed contributions of their own.