At ASU's Cronkite School, deans and IT staff monitor dozens of classes that have moved online, watching as professors and students discussed everything from TV news reporting to best practices for photographing football games. Closing the carbon cycle by capturing carbon dioxide from the air, carbon sequestration, carbon foot-printing, innovative energy and infrastructure systems and their scaling properties, Klaus.Lackner@asu.edu480-727-2499BDC 141CTempe campus, Anthony J. LamannaAssociate Professor, Sundt Professor of Alternative Delivery Methods and Sustainable Development, and Undergraduate program Chair for Construction Management. Here you have five to 10 who are just working on cell technology and a whole bunch more who are thinking about energy transitions and how you connect solar up to the grid and all that sort of thing. Edward Gibson Jr.Edward KavazanjianMichael Mamlouk, Aditi ChattopadhyayJoseph DavidsonH.J.S. Research website, Yoshihiro KobayashiSenior LecturerComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsGame design, game development, digital fabrication, AI in design, virtual reality, building information modeling, procedural modeling, computer graphics, PRISM Lab at ASU, 965-3708Tempe campus, BYENG 354, Heewook LeeAssistant ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering. Research Interests Logistics, manufacturing systems analysis, production planning and scheduling, operations research, applied statistics ... (480) 965-5854 BYENG 678, Tempe campus. Vittal, V., “Emergency Control and Special Protections Systems in Large Electric Power Systems,” Stability and Control of Dynamical Systemswith Applications, pp. Professor and Director of the National Center of Excellence on Smart Innovations, Research Interests 480-965-3868 Research website, Justin Selgrad Assistant Research Professor, Director of Industrial Collaboration, Center for Bio-mediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics, Research Interests Research website, Marvin WoodfillEmeritus ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Carole-Jean WuAssociate ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsEnergy-efficient heterogeneous architecture, energy harvesting for emerging computing devices, performance characterization, analysis and prediction, high-performance and power-efficient LLC designs, 965-1494Tempe campus, CTRPT 203-09Research website, Guoliang XueProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsSurvivability and security in smart grid, privacy and security in mobile social networks, economic approaches to network applications, Research InterestsCyber security, web security, automated vulnerability analysis, mobile app security, static analysis, program analysis, hacking competitions, and pentesting. “Perovskite can be paired with silicon,” Holman said. Construction project delivery methods, Virtual Design and Construction, Design-construction interface, Construction contracting and procurement methods, Partnering and dispute resolution processes, 101-126, Springer, 2009. ISTB4 373 Tempe campus, Research InterestsConstruction accounting systems, Construction financial analysis, “But tungsten light comes later (1912). He studies the history of energy transitions. Tempe campus. (480) 965-1735 (480) 965-2769 Reporters and editors huddled, and editorial meetings outlined the day’s stories being reported — all via Zoom. 480-965-5509 Soil and groundwater remediation, Kamil Kaloush 480-727-8594 (480) 727-5466 You have the certified electrician who does the grid connection. Dynamics of structures, concrete structures, structural materials, 480-965-1712 Tempe campus, Research InterestsBuilding information modeling (BIM), mixed (and “augmented”) reality, virtual reality, cyber-learning, engineering education, Steven.Ayer@asu.edu480-727-4579CAVC 564Tempe campus, Research Interests Assistant Professor of Research, Research Interests Contaminant fate and transport in subsurface, Vapor intrusion and human health risk assessment, Soil and groundwater remediation, Emerging contaminant, Rolf Halden Tempe campus, Research Interests Assistant Professor Chemical engineering. (480) 727-6047 It usually doesn’t work like that: Science is incremental and collaborative. 480-965-1108 Community Solutions, Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (BSE), Construction Management and Technology (BS), Civil, environmental and sustainable engineering (MS/PhD), Professional Development and Certificates, Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS), Inner Circle: News and Events for Students, Become a Friend of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Inner Circle: Weekly news and opportunities for students. Tempe campus, Research InterestsCivil engineering, Construction management, SHAWN.MORMAN@asu.edu480-921-8100Tempe campus. Faculty and students in the Fulton Schools are engaged in research and innovation endeavors that result in approximately $126M of external funding and numerous entrepreneurial outputs. 602-264-7101 March 17, 2020 Advances like this are truly significant, energy history professor says. Fouad, A. (480) 727-2433 FernandoMarc MignoletHarold Nelson (emeritus), Pedro PeraltaT. Tempe campus. 2000 – Warren B. Boast Undergraduate Teaching Award. Tempe campus, Research Interests Research InterestsFood-energy water nexus, watershed and environmental modeling, urban agriculture, ecosystem services, nutrient recycling. 480-727-8514 Kyle Squires is the dean of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. Research website, Aviral ShrivastavaProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsCompilers and micro architectures for embedded systems, including techniques for power, performance reliability, temperature and code size improvement, Siddharth SrivastavaAssistant ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsSequential decision making under uncertainty, integrated task and motion planning for robots, mobile manipulation, probabilistic programming, Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment 1985 – Presidential Young Investigator Award, received from the President of the United States in recognition of research and teaching abilities. It usually doesn’t work like that: Science is incremental and collaborative. Tempe campus, BYENG 428, Hasan DavulcuProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsData mining, web and text mining, data cleaning and information extraction, workflows and semantic web services, database systems, Adam DoupeAssociate ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering. (480) 965-2785 ASU has made smart choices and investments, and decided that solar matters, he said. Tempe campus, Bruce RittmannRegents Professor and Director of the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Research InterestsEnvironmental biotechnology, biofilms, resource recovery, modeling, microbial ecology, (480) 727-5793 ISTB4 369 Research website, Vijay SutharLecturerComputer Science and Engineering; Software Engineering, Violet SyrotiukAssociate ProfessorComputer Science and Engineering, Research InterestsCross-layer design and optimization in changing network conditions, modeling and monitoring, medium access control protocols, multi-hop wireless networks including MANETs, WSNs, WMNs, and cognitive radio networks, 480-965-6268 Tempe campus, Apostolos Fafitis Structural engineering, Engineering mechanics, Earthquake engineering, Numerical methods, Paul WesterhoffRegents Professor and Fulton Chair of Environmental Engineering, Ira A. Fulton Schools of EngineeringFulton Chair of Environmental Engineering, Research InterestsEnvironmental geochemistry; food, water, and energy nexus; drinking water treatment, water quality, P.WESTERHOFF@asu.edu480-965-2885Tempe campus, Avi WiezelAssociate Professor and Assistant Dean for Facilities, Research InterestsLeadership for project-based companies, construction process modeling, entrepreneurial-ism, adult education, mathematical models of decision making, (480) 965-3983 Research InterestsBinary analysis, with a focus on automation, cyber reasoning systems, and human-computer collaboration in cybersecurity. ISTB4 769 You can chart the improvement of energy improvements in refrigerators over time, for instance, or for internal combustion engines. Community Solutions, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, Cronkite News still reporting — just from a distance, Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, NASA selects ASU science teams for astrobiology research, BEYOND: Center for fundamental concepts in science, Associate Dean Mark Lodato's Twitter account highlights Cronkite work during COVID-19, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Late at night, a lone scientist in the lab smacks their forehead and — voila! Heydt, and A.R. ISTB4 The companies that are operating in this space care about .05% efficiency. It’s achievements like this that drive advances, Jones said. Tempe campus, CTRPT 203-17 The keyword(s) will be used to search for matches with … Students this week are still covering Washington, D.C., and closer to home are working on pieces for “Arizona Horizon” on Arizona PBS. Tempe campus, BYENG 594 The ECEE assistant professor is developing a new, high-precision, low-latency and cost-effective time transfer scheme for wireless communications in a project funded by a DARPA Young Faculty Award.