In 2006, the Alfred Sung fragrance license went to Elizabeth Arden. The products are also sold in other boutiques in the US and Europe. See reviews for Esprit de Chine, Esprit de Cuir & Esprit de Chypre. Apparel and beauty line of Kimora Lee Simmons, former fashion model and spouse of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons (see also: Phat Farm). One perfume, Anné Pliska, which is something of a cult favorite. To discover what are Creed’s best smelling colognes be sure to check out our top 10 best Creed colognes list. One fragrance, Barbara Bui Le Parfum, introduced in 2004 (and later discontinued). The perfume is available in the amount of 75 and 125 ml edt. "Play-Doh creates scents for grown-ups including ‘Overpriced Latte,’ ‘Mom Jeans’ and ‘Grill Ki…. My blind buying experience thus far has been positive. £, Previous page 12 3 …78 Next page Show more. Italian fashion line founded in the 1970s by designer Anna Molinari. Recent fragrance releases include Classic Limited Edition (2008), Republic of Men & Republic of Women (2009), Wildbloom (2011), Wildbloom Vert (2012), Wildblue (2012), Wildbloom Rouge & Wildblue Noir (2013), Modern (2014), Icon Collection (2017). Their first fragrance, Wonderful, was introduced in 2005, and was followed by Wonderful Indulgence in 2006. Niche perfume house established by absinthe producers Liquoristerie de Provence, and also known as Le Parfum d'Interdits. Agraria is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in home fragrance products, including potpourri. Small line with one perfume, Brandy, created by owner Patricia Namm. It has a bit of everything. This product is already in your wish list.

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The fragrance line of singer Beyoncé Knowles.

The fragrance license is currently held by First American Brands. Recent releases include Mauvais Garçon (2011), Rosa Gallica (2012), Poivre Bengale (2013), Oud Santal (2014), Off to Ibiza (2015), Osmanthus Guilin (2015), Subversif (2017). German company established in 1993 as a maker of upscale men's underwear; the company has since expanded into watches, swimwear, and fragrance (under arrangements with Procter & Gamble). The brand is now owned by Coty and has two fragrances for men, Aspen and Aspen Discovery, and one for women, Aspen Sensation. Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent or Twisted Lily. Later releases include Sail (2012), Borgo (2013). 7 (2012), L'Etrog Acqua & The Architect's Club (2014), Nanban (2015), Él & Ella (2016), Esencia de El Palacio Azahares, Magnolios & Vetiveres (2016), Sydney Rock Pool (2018). Website: Abinoam. Fragrance releases include the BSQ Natural Couture Range (White Muguet, White Amber & White Bergamot, 2008), Black Cassis (2012). Hopefully the streak continues. Recent releases include Spirit for women (2005), Antonio (2006), Blue Seduction for Men (2007), Blue Seduction for Women (2008), Seduction in Black for Men (2009), The Secret (2010), Blue Fresh Seduction for Men & For Women (2010), The Golden Secret (2011), Splash Seduction (2012), Her Secret (2012), Electric Seduction (2013), Her Golden Secret (2013), Cocktail Seduction (2014), King of Seduction (2014), Urban Seduction (2015), King of Seduction Absolute (2015), Radiant Seduction (2016), Queen of Seduction (2016), The Secret Night & Her Secret Night (2016). Tilia Cordata, Vaniglia Fior di Mandorlo and Black Pepper & Sandalwood, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine and Gardenia Rattan, Amber Garden, Blazing Lily, Celtic Rose, Dark Papyrus, Everlasting Dream, Luminous Orchid, Sacred Osmanthus & Vetiver Moss, Aqua Verbena and Pomegranate & Mint diffusers, Riverside (now River Cali), Pan and Fairchild, Monogram Series Soy Candles: Key Lime & Neroli / Sweet Pea & Jasmine, St. Regis Caroline's Four Hundred room spray, Esencia de El Palacio Azahares, Magnolios & Vetiveres, The British Bouquet, The Odd Fellow's Bouquet, Rose in Wonderland, Lavender on the Rocks & Posh on the Green, The Big Bad Cedar, My Fair Lily & Scilly Neroli, Her Majesty The Oud & His Majesty The Oud, Esprit de Chine, Esprit de Cuir & Esprit de Chypre, Alabaster, Jade, Rosewood, Slate & Black Walnut, Perfect Day, Perfect Night, Perfect Man, Perfect Man Alternative, Essence of Oud: Black Ebony, White Leather, Royal Saffron & Precious Amber, Velvet Santal, Riviera Lime, Orris Florentina & Majestic Cedar, Laugh With Me Lee Lee, Something About Sofia and My Place or Yours Gina, Garden of Good & Eva, Lookin’ to Rock Rita and So Hooked on Carmella, Oud Wa Misk, Oud Wa Ward & Oud Wa Vanillia, Beyoncé Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Le Voluttuose Kimono Rose, La Vaniglia and Notturno Fiorentino, Régime des Fleurs Chloë Sevigny Little Flower, 100 fragrances every perfumista should try, And 25 more fragrances every perfumista should smell, 50 masculine fragrances every perfumista should try, 26 vintage fragrances every perfumista should try, 25 rose fragrances every perfumista should try, How to make fragrance last through the day, Fragrance concentrations: sorting it all out, On reformulations, or why your favorite perfume doesn’t smell like it used to. More information on the policy concerning the processing of personal data. Recent releases include Vento di Fiori and Comme La Luna (2008), Le Voluttuose Kimono Rose, La Vaniglia and Notturno Fiorentino (2010), Oltremare & Come L’Amore (2012), Rosa di Filare (2012), Limited Art Collection (2013), Oro 1920 (2013), Aethereous, Spigo 1920 & Verde di Mare (2014), Come il Sole (2015), Nagud (2015), Itruk (2015), Ancora Amore, Rosa 23, Virtu & Magia (2016). Where to buy: at Luckyscent or parfumsraffy in the US, at First in Fragrance in Germany. All of the fragrances are limited edition. This heel-shaped bottle houses an audacious blend of jasmine, almond, cocoa and coffee. Where to buy: In the US, fragrances can be ordered directly from the brand website. | Design & developed by -. Where to buy: at First in Fragrance in Germany. Where to buy: selected department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales. - Nietzsche. Style; Grooming; Hair; Lifestyle; Cars; Watches; 8 Niche Fragrance Houses You Should Know. Recent releases include Blue Lavender (2010), Virginia Rose (? Scent: Armaf Niche Sapphire is an interesting fragrance. There were three collections: a bespoke range, a “private collection” range comprising 33+ perfumes available by private consultation, and the ready-to-wear Victorious collection. The label was acquired by Escada in 1992 and is currently owned by The Iconix Group (formerly Candie's). Fragrances include Flor, Corazon, Agua (2003), Imagina (2005), Beso (2007). You can read a shopping report on the Angela Flanders boutique in London here. to