Don't forget to mention I showed you a new trick on how to right-click in chat to set coordinates . It also happens that our 24th rescue so I thought all of this tied in real well with the video. Couldn't figure out how to make it visually distinctive from the small transport that can dock inside of it so I opted to go with a somewhat similar color layout. Big Fish Games ... Search PC Games; Browse by Genre: Hidden Object; Time Management; Match 3; Casino; Adventure; Puzzle; Family; Arcade & Action ; Card & Board; Strategy; Mahjong; Brain Teaser; Marble Popper; Word; PC Games . In the non-testing space, I'm hoping to have some meetings with the team this Saturday. Congratulations for the great showing! 75 backers pledged HK$ 22,103 to help bring this project to life. Of the four that have given me times, I'll be seeing two members around the same time, potentially a third if they're available. Created by Thomas Wong Thomas Wong. Search and rescue (SAR) is the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. For Eyes & Ears this purpose is quite clear. Enough about me, lets get on with this weeks past two rescues: Our first Novean, @Pwnst4r found himself stuck on Thades. Fifteen minutes later they were on their way. In most situations I would have told this player to mine and sell resources so they can get to know a bit more of the game. With it being outside of Maneuvering range and having used fetch in the last 24 hours I was out of luck, so I asked for NQ help in chat. Many would say "your organization", and that is very much correct. By all accounts he stumbled into our meeting in voice chat even though he was not on our schedule and immediately started participating. We have a variety of positions need filling by a variety of different people. I just love how it goes with almost any other color out there, it just looks nice in general IMO. While I decided to invert with the bands converging downwards instead of upwards, I may change this in the future but for the sake of different yet familiar, I'm sticking with it. Five rescues were made this test, this is the new highest number of rescues made in one session since breaking four on the week of October the 14th. This won't impact the background of the website as the current layout makes it easy to read in gamers dimly lit rooms. Word games with addictive cross word puzzle! Maybe you put a lot of time into your ship and can't afford to rebuild it? DarkHorizon, June 8, 2018 in Novark's Registry, Organization Name: Eyes & Ears - Search and Rescue, Discord: Mission: "Achieve the preservation of life when found in dire straights"Allegiance: Neutral, with a slight lawful bendGameplay: Semi-casual, yet can be active at a moment’s notice, Roleplay: Freely allowedCurrently Recruiting: All Positions. Have you considered branching out into tutoring? I implore you to please ask them. One of our members in collaboration with a partner cooked up some LUA that allows us to switch between two images at the press of a single button. The second rescue which was actually made earlier that day was more of an assist. Thanks to Eyes and Ears, my friend will get to rejoin our group on Teoma. With no alternative and no one from NovaQuark on hand to handle the situation, a member of Eyes & Ears stepped up and flew the player out to their craft which secured our 24th rescue. If you have any content suggestions, I'm always open to hearing them. To advertise this and encourage people who might be uncertain about it: As someone who played firefighters, EMTs and cops in various games with practical game play I can tell you or generally summarize that those jobs or "shifts" are sometimes menial or uneventful, and at other times the most challenging and rewarding. I hear that the Alioth Areospace Expo was quite the thing. Finally, work on updating the website is wrapping up. These will also be run by the team before presentation. I'm already bubbling with ideas and have even written some of the good ones down for future work. For those of you that have seen it in person, the layout might be a bit funky, but it's all for weight distribution purposes, trust me! It's all very much exciting. If tutoring is needed on life, the universe and everything i can provide it under the strict notion that anything will be related to 42. @Haunty has thrown their hat in the ring and will be representing Eyes & Ears in a surprise twist that I had forgotten to mention last week. Encouraged with this meeting, I'm already planning a second and already have a list of things I want to ask in my head. I can't wait to start working on it. In Tonka Search & Rescue 2, players control 13 vehicles ranging from a fire truck, helicopter, and police cruiser to an ATV, jet skis, and construction machines. What I did get done, however, was mounting some engines, vertical ones in particular. What if you left your only line of communication on your construct, and what if your construct was floating over a hundred meters in the air due to a sudden act of Lord JC? I'll discuss those with the team and let you all know when we're ready to present the changes. The entire construct for the most part is very heavily in its initial design phase. Mac Games Home; New Releases Mac Games; Top Mac Games by Genre; Top 100 Mac Games; Top-Rated … I know what you're thinking about that last part, we're just like any real life emergency service provider. Members of Eyes & Ears will still be conducting their rescues during tests like normal, just enter the 911 room in chat, or stick your head in our Discord and we will assist you the best we can. @yamamushi made his first recorded rescue of another player out in deep space, 50 SU from Talemai. There are 580 well-chosen levels to test your vocabulary and spelling. Friendly chat is also always welcome so stop by and say hi, we don't bite! With only a month to go, only nine more rescues until we crack 50 total, which I think is a very achievable number to cap off 2019! Addictive brain teasers for thinking training and mind power exercise. Still relatively new, a combination of inadequate vertical engines and fuel mismanagement led to their situation. Haunty carried out the first two rescues to kickoff Friday. Best spelling game for brain training! I can't wait to see what other possibilities in Lua await us for the future. I'll also have a master gauge that will combine all the fuel tanks for the construct on one screen. Not only will it help others who view this thread, but it will help others who view my F.A.Q page in the future. It was here that I had realized that I didn't have a lot of design skill so I went out and had a look around at what people had created in times past for a bit of personal inspiration. I love this! Haunty started out Friday morning flying alongside @WhiteMEat in assisting them move two XS constructs from Teoma to Madis on a lengthy three hour journey. If your organization would like to form a partnership with us, feel free to get in touch with me privately and we can discuss things.   Pasted as rich text. You can see those roles (and players) or game modes in some RPG communities in "Armed Assault (3)" or "Garry's Mod", for example, and those roles usually serve some practical game play purpose or are an integral part and are not just there for fluff or "RP". The main spectacle as you all know will be the upcoming DICE race, scheduled for November 2nd. By The Index page has been condensed down to lower the amount of scrolling needed and as a matter of fact, I did that as a part of the overhaul in general. Additionally two organizations, Vulture Cooperation and DYNAMIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES have formed partnerships while Albatross Inc in discussion with us. Still not sure if that's an actual thing, but my pre-alpha experiences were 'fun' enough to convince me that it is such. You can either private message me here on the forums, or ping me on the Unofficial DU Community Discord @DarkHorizon. No Jack isn't back in DU form, but when speed is key and you need help ASAP, Eyes & Ears is here for you 24 hours a day (in the future!). ©2020 San Pedro Software Inc. A new crew compartment is situated in-between the bridge and launch bay with seats for a tight group of twenty with ample leg room unlike most real life coach flights! With the assistance of a private individual, a few minor yet very useful improvements were made to the small rescue craft. This will help make things more at a glance instead of needing to whip out your tool and check each tank individually. We flew up to where the construct was and while some might think that the hard part was done, not quite! Was a vital element damaged in flight and now you are as spaceworthy as an asteroid? One rescue was made this test, that's 22 rescues for Alpha 2, and 36 overall. Working from a central Dispatch Center, players select either activities or missions and earn printable certificates (usually an image of the rescue vehicle). I'm hoping to have something similar to this show the state of gears, doors, and even flashing lights on the hulls exterior to give it more of that emergency response look. Perhaps instead of voxels, more elements? May need help learning about life, the Universe and everything. With a fancy jetpack strapped to their back, players can effortlessly EVA around or in-between constructs, or just float off aimlessly into space as one @sadmandono accidentally did. I'm not asking you guys to crash into the moon so we can get some arbitrary number, or am I? Through these activities during tests, Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue has successfully run 14 rescues in Alpha 1, and thus far, two rescues in Alpha 2. We are also looking for organizations who would like to affiliate with us. DarkHorizon, the leader of Search and Rescue was on the ball and actually responded faster then NQ, and arrived on site within minutes to lift me to an altitude to retrieve my ship. Testers would probably note that black is an oft used color for most all of my constructs. It's here where I've positioned what I like to think of as a storm shelter of sorts, in particular I was thinking of a blizzard given the environment. Faced with crashing into their destination or force re-spawning, they choose the latter. Aside from some signage that details out a few things and a couple of fuel tanks for those who'd like to donate fuel, a second floor was added with accommodations to make it a sort of living space and less gloomy.