The one area where you could end up spending a lot of money is if you go out clubbing a lot. I tend to have enough jerseys, but if I play a lot of ultimate or go to the gym often in a single week it gets pretty close. But, you can go from one end of the island to another in less than 1 hour. PhD Diary | Dream job: Independent scholar & status quo challenger, Coronavirus isolation, updates, and a new project about mental health for PhDs. It is not about competition from any country, it is the general work culture. After their arrival on the North American continent, the people continued to migrate southward along the coast, with smaller groups periodically moving off on their own. ], One of the things I like in SIngapore, watching the thunder clouds roll in. That old thing was my first Mac, and I knew I would go with Apple again but I wasn’t sure in what form. What should you the teacher be aware of? Let us help you find the right international health insurance plan today. Also the market has slowed down thus international students in singapore are facing difficulty in finding tha jobs. There is a very very strong correlation. I have a good hat with me that I wear pretty much every day. I mean software, manufacturing, research; which ones are more available than other. The good, sturdy brands are a bit more expensive. Moreover 10% is a minority population, Indians are not that far off. Everything works well in general in Singapore, and you will have access to some of the best healthcare in Asia. 2) The government you should remember is essentially Chinese. Malaysia has over 50% Malays. I have never seen that at any other airport in the world. What are the most common mistakes that teachers make when they are about to embark on a teaching career in Thailand? They are available here, but at least 40-50% more expensive. I'm a science journalist currently living in New York. Update November 2016 I did enjoy living in Singapore, but mostly because I had a close group of friends from the university. Expats usually bargain a better salary, if you have the right skill and they need you. I was in Indonesia for couple of months on a project and noticed they work longer and hard. Thanks MKG for keeping this discussion lively. Check. Do NOT post any phone numbers, email-ids. If you are moving to Singapore, check out my page with general tips and suggestions on moving to Singapore. Did I miss any fun fact about Singapore? MOVING Whether you are internationally moving to another country or relocation within The Philippines, you can count on Asia Relocation to find the most efficient way to pack and move your belongings to your new home without damage, loss, or delay. We bonded over having to live in Singapore, in the heat and being too poor to do much. They usually get recruited with very generous expat packages. So, by your logic Singapore should be highly correlated with China. There are tons of umbrellas for sale or are given away in Singapore, but I went through 2 umbrellas in the first 4 or 5 months living here. Any insight will be much appreciated. I think these two points are really serious, and cannot be ignored. Please find time to write more. Algerian, 56 years old. Moving from North America to Asia, power conversion. Though it might look silly, it is effective. But, is it true that in Singapore and Malaysia people need to work for longer hours especially people in IT due to tough competition from Chinese or its their work culture. Salary Ranges in Singapore – How much will you get paid ? On the other hand, HDB flat is community housing that exists as apartments constructed where most of the people live, it is not gated. Currently living in USA. So find out exactly where you stand. Many schools ask for demo lessons before they hire. © Copyright RedBus2US, All Rights Reserved. If you work out a lot, plan on having enough sets of clothes for as long as the number of days you will be working out in between laundry loads. Comparing the salary in Singapore on glass door, it seems like salaries in Singapore are much lower than what we are paid here for a similar job. Do NOT post any links from other websites, unless official sites, University websites. Thanks! Hello, I am going to be making the move to Asia where the power is 220-240v and 50hz and I would like to bring my audio gear with me rather than having to purchase new gear over there. As Kumar has suggested, I urge you to write more. Yes, the Southeast Asia countries you mentioned are typically much more relaxed. It’s just a little extra insurance in case I get stuck in a downpour. There are quite a few temples, mosques, churches, etc. Or it will be soon. Your email will NOT be published. Check out my photos, reviews, and random thoughts! But if you are moving with family/kids, I would seriously suggest to think twice. Not sure why you think otherwise. I thought I can guide you a little with life there. I asked my sisters for this laptop skin for my birthday! Hopefully they’ll be helpful for your move if you are planning one! I understand that this is a series of articles but I can use any additional info from research before deciding on my offer. Bangkok's best language school for English, Thai, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean lessons. Regarding dating for Singaporeans, being seen holding hands in a photo or in public is often something of significance to others (i.e. What are the rental costs ? My backpacks are not waterproof. The earliest known arrivals from Asia were already splitting into recognizably distinct groups, the research suggests. 10 hours ago ฿60,000+ / month. Kumar, based on my reading of Newspapers and magazines and youtube etc, what I understand is that Indians are not very well treated in Malaysia. Also, if you would like to have specific topic addressed, leave a comment, we will try to write an article on the same. I live in USA and I know how valuable they are. Ricky Batten from Pacific Prime is Ajarn's resident expert. For housing, Rent for condo is higher as condo is like Gated Community with security and everything. It is sunny here, and we are close to the equator, so it is good for protecting my face and keeping the sun out of my eyes when the sun is high. I have few quick questions and can you provide me some details on 1. I took some time to figure out what I would bring and what I would not bring from the States with me. I am just basing on opinion on these readings of mine, and my logic as a common man. Hey guys, very useful comments, thank you for sharing. It may not beat US in terms of size and options, but there are places to see and visit around Singapore. I regret not bringing a good umbrella with me. Govt. Housing is the major factor that eats half of your salary. Singapore culture resonates around Asian values and culture…coming to your point, there are quite a few Indian origin Malaysians in Malaysia and good amount of them are blue collar workers, so you may notice that here and there…cannot be generalized… Life in Malaysia is pretty different from Singapore…the rules, the people’s attitude, cleanliness, everything is different….Singapore transformed itself in the past 50 years. I think jobs in IT industry are hectic compared to others. If you are going to live in a small place with little storage room, consider getting a collapsible luggage like I did! I ultimately decided instead to buy a refurbished 13 inch MacBook Air. Are you thinking of moving to Singapore? Here I write about my travels and musings about food, places and cultures. There have been labor law changes to hire foreigners in the last year or so…The job has to be posted in Govt Job portal and local citizens have to be interviewed and given preference first before they plan to hire internationals…so, it is a tough rule for businesses. Drive for long hours, etc. By submitting your comment, you agree to Term and Conditions of our website. Opening a bank account, for example, takes a short visit to the bank. Are managers in Singapore paid more than engineers? Will look forward to more. It is very common for people to say “Lah” at the end of many common sentences…Check out short, Singapore has an unemployment rate of just 2%. Eshwar, While I would certainly cover most of the topics you asked soon, in the mean time, I suggest you check out Glassdoor for salaries. I do often break out the umbrella to shield myself from the sun. Bindu, Agree with you. I would say, this is more noticed in IT field and banking industries…Other industries may not be that bad…Years ago, it was a 6 days week in Singapore…with MNCs, the 5 days work week was adopted…so, it could be the mindset change too…. If you don’t prefer to travel longer distances during weekday to work or on weekends then Singapore is the right place, where commuting is very easy (MRT trains and buses for every 2 minutes during peak hours). I make savings same as a consultant in USA and good thing is I am happy that I haven’t sacrificed my career goals to get a Green card by working under a consultancy like in usa for 8 years. Are you still living in Singapore? Also, what is the time taken in these things. The rent market for apartments is pretty good, and the government tries to keep a handle on it. From demographics standpoint, you can see as written in article are about 74% are from Chinese origin…but, the Government works very different from China…..different values I would say…cannot compare…It is like US was formed by immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world, we cannot say US is European culture, it has its own culture right ? You can find more resources on this page. Things like hugging are not common. Also do a google search on Bumiputera. How to search for Apartments? Series: Living in US vs Singapore – Move back to Asia from America? If you are from Southeast Asia or Indian subcontinent and have lived in America for quite a few years and plan to move back from US someday for one of the reasons like kids education, their upbringing in your cultural values, take care of parents, settle down in home country, etc., it could be quite difficult to make the complete switch from West to East. The list goes on..Nevertheless to say it depends on individual preferences. Theme by, general tips and suggestions on moving to Singapore, Women wear what they want to in Singapore, [Recipe] Not exactly fried rice (a somewhat healthier rice dish). Less Taxes in Singapore. I’ve heard that Singaporeans will make fun of or calling out other Singaporeans for hanging out too much with international people. I saw your post and was tempted to reply because I lived in Singapore for 2.5 years. When planning for moving to Singapore, where it could rain at any point during the day, I knew I needed new gear. This means the pay is generally really good, and they can afford to live well and eat well. It’s very safe, the safest city I’ve ever been in. So whilst food in Asia is pretty cheap overall, food-from-home in Asia is not. Premier language school with many branches and corporate training. Taxes are quite low in singapore around 12 to 15 % or less, thats one positive thing to consider. moving from america to asia; moving to asia; teaching in myanmar; Showing 1 tagged items out of 1 total Page 1 of 1. One important question is what type of jobs one can find in Singapore. Anyways, when 75% population of a country is from a particular region, a lot of government rules, and behavior will be similar to that region. That’s tremendous growth, ahead of US. This is definitely not going to be a history lesson, will have relevant facts for employment and living J, Background of Singapore – Some quick facts about Singapore, There are many websites dedicated to share the history and background of Singapore, above are just few snippets…I recommend you to check out the website Know Your Singapore or you may read Wikipedia on Singapore.