MontanaSky Webmail Login. Upgrade this package to a 20Mbps downstream / 10Mbps upload for an additional $20 per month. With faster, more reliable performance than DSL, MontanaSky’s high-speed internet service delivers faster downloads, smoother video, and lag-free gaming, even with multiple users online at once. With our High Speed 20, you can do more advanced streaming or gaming, without lag. Unplug modem/router power. Get that extra bit of “omph!” for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, or gaming. The next page will be the “Set up email” page. examples, represents the part of your email address to the right of the MontanaSky West, Libby, Montana. The data that is stored off-site is encrypted to ensure 100% integrity. Our business it to collect, protect and restore data, and to help minimize potential down time in case of disaster. Virtual Servers/Cloud Computing - Montana Sky has a Note:  If it does not work, please stop into our office for email configuration to be done. This is the fastest standard internet connection available in the Libby area. Selecting the link below which matches your computer's Email Program Mail server storage quota will eventually fill up unless you delete old messages. Setup takes from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on your network configuration and the size of the initial data transfer. Automatically Download Attachments when connected to Wi-Fi. Import/Export Addressbook. No knowledge is required on your part to operate or configure the backups. Import/Export Addressbook. Note that if your email address is for Make sure all connecting devices are set up as IMAP. MontanaSky’s VM’s: o   Get your settings Don't want to mess with settings? Learn more. From then on it uses a time-tested technology to backup your data at the byte level on a schedule of your choice. The default Email client that comes with Windows 8 does not even allow a POP set up. 4. Then select “Done”. MontanaSky’s fiber center is the place to co-locate your iron servers and / or connect to one of many nation wide fiber-optics service providers. Now you have completed the setup on the Android device. MontanaSky Webmail. performance.Â. Incoming (POP) Server: Use instead of; Outgoing (SMTP) Server: Use instead of Login. Access to a team of experts who know what it takes to build a Point, click, drag-and-drop your files or folders from the uberVault to restore the most current version of your data or a version This package is ideal for keeping multiple users online, without lag or buffering, simultaneously. EMAIL SETUP WINDOWS -OUTLOOK -THUNDERBIRD, Email Setup Windows -Outlook -Thunderbird. MontanaSky has the Internet you need to stay connected to the things important to you. As it only sends the changes of the changed files, such small data Don't want to mess with settings? Up to 100Gb fiber, Computer repair, IT, WIFI extenders and Fiber Hotel to the Cloud. The Gamer Package is the perfect plan for those who do everything online. MontanaSky Webmail Login. Ideal for home or business, we recommend this package to those who require the fastest connection. The Family Plan offers the high speed connection you need to keep you and your family connected. Starting at $45/Month (with 36 month agreement)U. This should take you to the next step. Import/Export Addressbook. 501 likes. "@" sign. Upgrade this package to a 10Mbps downstream / 10Mbps upload for an additional $10 per month. There are many benefits to using If one device is set up as POP3 for the same account, it may download and delete the messages on the mail server, leaving IMAP accounts empty. The chance of total data loss is as close to none as is possible. MontanaSky Webmail. Change/Reset Email Password. We offer to restore your data at no cost when the bad thing happens. o   In most email software, there is an Advanced Tab that allows you to change Email Ports. transmissions pose no performance issues for your network or internet connection. Disaster back-ups, too! Make life easier and more secure with uberVault data backups. Online via your Internet connection from the offsite vaulting facility through ftp/http or email depending on your preference On CD-ROM, DVD or Removable Hard Drive and delivered overnight to anywhere in the country or physically delivered by a MontanaSky Networks technician if it is within a 100 mile radius of MontanaSky Networks data warehouse. The next page should be the “Account Options” page. All levels of MontanaSky’s High-speed Internet includes  24-hour on-call technical support. super-low latency times and no data-transfer fees. Type in your email address in the “Give this account a name” option and type your name into the “Your name” option (IE John Smith). When you have multiple smart TVs, tablets, and phones connected at the same time, you need MontanaSky’s Family Plan to ensure everyone has a positive experience. For our fiber clients, direct access to their servers with The next page should be the “Outgoing Server Settings” page. **Speed comparison based on 1.5 Mbps DSL service. in the above instructions:, in the above 5. Here, you will find useful links to area information, news, weather, attractions and businesses, whether you are a resident of the area, or simply visiting. Change incoming server to, Change outgoing server to, MontanaSky hosted emails have Barracuda spam filtering, Log In with your email address and email password. This makes the uberVault system HIPAA compliant. o   Microsoft To update password on your device, select your device type from the links on top of this page. With over 140 channels available, we have a TV package to fit every budget. DSL CONNECT: 1.