Lightly brush a baking sheet with olive oil. Discard marinade. Ready in 25 minutes. We can help! Start off the fish at high temperature and then drop the temperature to ensure the fish cooks all the way through and remains moist. Sent successfully. Drain, then remove skins.

87% of homecooks would also make this recipe! But packed full of nutrients and protein. Chop and set aside.

If you want melt in your mouth fish, cover the dish with foil. Everyone raved about it. The dish came out so good, I was very close to making the same thing for dinner again the next night. -  I followed the advice of other reviewers & cooked the flounder filets seperately (also, there's one person in our house who will only eat plain flounder) and added the sauce to the plate. Altered ingredient amounts. I also used only half the amount of capers called for (I thought 4 Tbs woulkd be too much), a can of diced tomatoes(drained) and I couldn't get fresh basil so I used dried.

Toss to combine. You can turn baked fish into a saucy fish with just a few ingredients around the fish. Sign up now for how-to videos, cooking tips, and surprise offers. Preheat oven to 400°F. Serve hot, with a generous amount of tomato-olive mixture spooned over each piece of fish. You can choose to broil the fish ( broiled salmon recipe here). Can't decide what to cook? Infuse flavors in your fish and baking dish by using quality products such as Mezzetta!

Your email address will not be published. Please try again later. If you don’t like olives, simply leave them out. The email addresses you entered will not be stored and will be used only to send this email. If you want to republish any of my recipes, please link back to my website and the recipe post. They will sizzle slightly and the aromas will begin to infuse. send. If you want a charred look to your fish, switch to broil after 15 minutes of baking and broil for 2 minutes. -  It’s versatile and you can play around with herbs, toppings, sauce ingredients to make the dish differently each time. The only problem was that I didn't have more.

We’ve sung the praises of fish before, so feel free to check out The Health Benefits of Seafood to learn more. I put everything together before hand, and I popped it in the oven while everyone was having appetizers. Stir in tomatoes, and cook until softened. We had it with Jasmine rice, steamed summer squash & fresh Italian bread. Drop the oven to 375 degrees and bake the fish for 15-18 minutes depending on the size of your fillets. Slow roasting also creates a fair amount of sauce. 29 Sep 2008. Oops, submission failure. 10 Minutes     Cook Time: Place the baking dish with the olive oil in the oven to preheat for 6-8 minutes. It reheats beautifully. Definitely!

Once the fish is out, drizzle the flavor packed olive oil over the fish and serve with crusty bread! Boiling is at a high temperature, heat on the top only and very close to the fish. Place fish into a roasting pan.

You can assemble the dish in advance and keep it i the fridge, and bake it the day you’re serving it.

I don't want to make this recipe because... Prep Time: Mediterranean Baked Fish With Tomatoes, Olives, Capers. Would you make this recipe?