Either stop locking on and run away, or stand close to him and strafe left or right, which causes you to manipulate his movement and force him to run around you in a circle. Do not hesitate: give him a taste of the strongest attack you have. Suit up in best physical/fire defense gear. Don't go in when he swipes with his better hand but if he punches the floor with it you can hit it after the explosion. He will now continually leave lava behind him, leaking from his lower body, and gain a completely new set of moves. Left, right, repeat. For runes I use Guidance (rally potential +20%), Fading Lake (Fire reduction +5%), Clockwise Metamorphosis (max HP +10%) and using Hunter Axe for its great regain potential. Timere benefacitis. Staggering him work in exactly the same manner as with the original Cleric Beast; he will eventually repair the damage to his head, allowing you to injure it and stagger him again. Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. (1) Wait to attack with your weapon until after he is done with his sequence of crawling slashes. Guys, did you succeed to defeat at this level BL100 in NG+3 and gbeyond? You can hit him 5 times or more for free. Laurence will look and behave very similarly to the the. Valtr will die at some point, but if Laurence is down by 2/3 of his health you should be fine. He seems to be weakest to Physical, then Arcane, then Bolt (the difference isn't huge though) and very resistant to fire. Come alone. Charges at you, leaving a trail of lava behind him. So, children, know that if you will abide by the sacred rite with great commitment. He's not even a hard boss. Es vītae ita dissimilum Laurence will suddenly gain new attacks, both from the Cleric Beast and his own. Try to save all your bullets and most vials for this phase. Te res vince intrare bestia. Was it the " ita venite, iste vinium " part that was wrong. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. This will prompt him to swipe with his backhand but you can easily dodge towards the hand he's using. Keep enough distance that no matter what the boss does he can't hit you with his first move. Now its attacks will mostly focused in front of him, so it's clear you'll need to keep to its side and hurt him while cycling every time he moves. Es vince ita mysterio. This attack can start at any range but mostly if you are far away from boss. Sic filii scite timi vi sacramentum. It will be a majestic festivity. The arena itself is exactly the same as the one in Vicar Amelia's fight. Honestare te Sanguine. If he charges you while you're in front of him, don't panic. Not much tho. Sic filii scite tibi vi sacramentum Erit praemium sanguine sanctum Erit praemium sanguine sanctum absconditum. I summoned Valtr once but he died when the boss entered phrase 2. Back off when he notices you or you run out of stamina.