15. ainc-inac.gc.ca. Sign Up For Free. Desktop App. Daily queries. Results on page. 7. You are not registered. 1 WikiHow " We would be more than happy to be one of the early places to be tested". Need more results? They would be more than happy to assist you. Either is technically grammatically correct. Consider the following sentences: “I would be more than glad to drive you to the funeral." If you need directions or someone to follow you over there, we will be glad to assist ". Vice. Results on page. 3. "Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you in finding that perfect toy or gift". However, there are "diplomatic" distinctions between the two words. 8. ainc-inac.gc.ca. If you wish to obtain more information on any of the projects within this booklet or have any questions regarding contaminants in general, please feel free to contact any of the persons listed below; they will be glad to assist you. 2. Daily queries. 2 The New York Times " We would be more than happy to come to your school and discuss the benefits that academy status can bring".