I have another idea for you too, and i think this is mentioned in the post. Frenching isn’t imperative, but it makes for a nice presentation. Carolyn, Thanks for letting me know! Definitely go with a pork butt or pork shoulder. However, 180* internal temp?!?! I inserted alot of garlic pieces inside the meat and salted peppered, garlic powder. It takes MUCH, MUCH longer than 40 min. You can find our gravy recipe at https://cookthestory.com/how-to-make-gravy/ Enjoy! You have total control. Try hard not to eat it all yourself.
If you have a 4 pound roast, you’re checking every 20 minutes.

I don’t think that will heat it through enough. The dripping were good as is (skimming off the fat of course). Would that dry things out too much? I’ll be making nice sandwiches tomorrow, and pea soup after that… Thanks for the articulate post! Because the roast is in the oven for so long, the drippings burning is possible.

It was so delicious! Weigh each roast on its own and determine how long it will take. *DELUXE PROFESSIONAL CHEF QUALITY*: 304 Stainless Steel, made from the highest grade food quality stainless steel to ensure 100% that your new meat marinator is completely food safe and ensures product durability. You can do everything the same but cook it for about 15-20 minutes per pound until the internal temperature is between 145-155F. But I spend a lot of time making the side dishes and want to make sure that people do taste all of them and don’t fill up their plates with the roast. I let it sit at room temp for 30 minutes. DELICIOUS!! At any time do you cover the roast/pan with a lid? It helps to form a barrier on the top fat that helps keep the roast moist and also once melted provides the vegetables and the bottom of the roast with moisture.

DO NOT guess on the time needed for baking, temp till 180′. This process further dries the rind and aids the crackling process. This is my first and probably LAST time cooking pork roast. But be careful if the glaze has a lot of sugar. As to keeping it warm, it depends for how long. Ours stainless steel cooking tongs is very easy to use ! Then 1 hour before serving, slice them and put slices in a overlapping layers in a chafing dish or large shallow roasting pan. Note that my only concern is that wild pig might be a lot leaner than store-bought pork. Jill, So happy it turned out for you and that you liked it.


I’m sonorous I found your site and your wonderful recipe!

After 90min i started basting with very teriyaki every 20 till done for a beautiful sweet bark. YES!

Thanks for the feedback. It’s more beneficial when doing a leaner cut like a loin or tenderloin. I’m perplexed. 40 minutes before you’re serving dinner, dribble water or chicken stock over the pork slices. Lovely!!!! Or just the roasting pan?

It’s amazing!

Since a pork rib roast is basically a pork loin roast with ribs, I use the same cooking method as for my perfect roast pork loin. Thank you so much. You want the outside to get nice and brown.

This recipe uses the liquid from the roasting pan. Instead, you slowly cook it until it is brown all the way through, and then even longer, until it’s falling apart and so tender.

The difference between these two beef roasts is how much toughness they have to begin with.

Just salt and pepper does it for me along with lots of aromatics like Rosemary plus lots of garlic. Yes, warm it slowly and then blast it with high heat. Great idea about making the slits and filling them with tasty ingredients. It would never get that melting effect that a butt or shoulder roast does. I want to add potatoes and carrots to my roast. 6) Put the roast back into the oven. Also followed the gravy recipe.

I decided to cook it with my oven probe and apparently set cooking temp at 350 instead of 300, crap! Unlike a rack of lamb, one pork chop is plenty for one person, so that single pork rack will feed a crowd.

Looks awesome.

The outside of the roast was beautifully crisped, but the inside was such a disappointment. Am currently cooking a pork roast using your recipe.

We read the comments where you wrote to cook the roast to an internal temp of 210 if desiring a roast where the meat would fall apart, like pulled pork. This has become everyone’s favorite meal for me to make. I do have 2 10lbs pork shoulder that I want to roast for a big crowd. Silly question is a roasting rack necessary?

It was still too raw, so we sliced it up and browned it in a skillet. Thanks for letting me know, Monica. Thanks for the recipe and any input you might have.

So happy it turned out for you! The only things I do differently are: a) I have always used a rack cuz I’m afraid I won’t notice when the liquid has gone dry and then the roast might be burning on the pan; and b) I have never put it back in the oven on high heat to crisp the fat (cuz the fat has always seemed crispy enough).

I’m happy your pork chops turned out.

The problem, how to keep today’s lean pork juicy and tender. Will you have a lot of side dishes? When he couldn’t find it, he asked the kid at the meat counter to help. If you want to keep several trays of meat warm while serving, you can do that. Your resipe looks great and has some great feed back. I’m so happy you like it. Cook Time: 5 hours. Getting ready to start dinner when I notice that the cut is not a pork loin. Sounds like an excellent use of the leftovers too! Put it into the hot oven for 13-17 minutes, uncovered. Thanks for sharing this method!

For a larger roast, add on time to our suggested 75 minutes …

Think of it as the difference between doing a Prime Rib Beef roast nice and rare versus doing a braised pot roast (e.g., chuck roast) which you would always cook for hours until it falls apart. You want about 1 drop of water for every 3-4 slices. I am new to cooking, but it seemed like I could handle it, so I purchased the roast and got excited for Sunday dinner. I also sometimes these changes take time, so I would like to offer a “hack” to your readers to get it to print on two pages. I use another “my own creation” recipe for a beef roast in the crock pot using dry ranch dressing.

Then refrigerate it whole until chilled. With a small sharp knife, deeply score the rind at 1cm intervals, being careful to not cut into the meat. I’m on my second time making this and using our own pork. John, I think it would be slightly more tender but probably not by much. 188 is to high for pork there is no need to cook it that high anymore. We know your feelings because we used to be in this weird situation when searching for How Long To Cook Pork Chops In Oven At 375.

Not a problem.

This will be my go to for bone in from now on. I noticed you had a cooking rope net on your pork. Thank you again, and your website is probably the most helpful of any I’ve come across.

Nancy, I like the US Pork Board’s site for this info. Then drop the heat down to 200F so that you’re just keeping them warm and not at risk of them actually cooking or starting to dry out. Place it on the wire rack.

Note: to achieve great crackling, getting the oven temperature correct is critical. Trish, 180 is too high for lean pork (like loin) or for anytime that you’re cooking pork quickly. My husband loves it too!

I had it out on the counter for almost an hour before starting, but it’s winter and a little cold in my house.

No-questions-asked, no hassle. The best pork recipe I’ve made in a long time. Then slice it and arrange it on a large baking sheet. Remove the roast from the oven and cover it with foil. A real flash back to childhood!!!! For other readers, in case this happens…if the roast cooks too fast, you’re totally going to be ok. Take it out of the oven when it hits the right temperature.

Into a low carb tortilla, and add chopped onion and cilantro….le snort!

(It was held together not by string, but by netting, if that means anything.)