Leembruugen currently studies theoretical particles called axions, and their possible contribution to dark matter. Looking at the numbers, each scholar can receive up to $7,500 in funding for each of their junior and senior years. When she isn’t studying nuclear physics, Velasco likes to run, read and knit. Evan Coleman of Brown University is the first physics major from Brown to receive a Goldwater Scholarship. Here’s a copy of the online application for Smith College nomination: Faculty recommendations will be requested in an email when the student completes the application. When filling out his application, Juul found himself in new territory, writing about a field he had no research experience in — planetary science. this year. have plans to earn a Ph.D. in science, engineering or mathematics. A good letter of recommendation from someone that knows you well goes very far.". // ]]> research. Class of 2020's valedictorian, Ana Henriquez, BA '20, received the scholarship last year. APS encourages the redistribution of the materials included in this newspaper provided that attribution to the source is noted and the materials are not truncated or changed. Madelyn Leembruugen of the University of Cincinnati grew up knowing she wanted to be involved in research. In 2019, 496 scholarships were awarded from a pool of 1,223 applicants nominated by their schools. in these important fields within the United States. The Goldwater Scholarship is awarded by the Goldwater Foundation to college sophomores Editor: David Voss components of the universe. "I [decided to] join the APS National Mentoring Community (NMC) and began meeting with a mentor, and participated in the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Research Experience for Women Undergraduates. with Assistant Professor of Physics Jacob Moldenhauer, Ph.D., and off-campus at Jefferson Labs, a national laboratory in Virginia. With the Goldwater Scholarship now in hand, he says his future plans have only become more research-focused. Submit a Meeting Abstract advanced physics, which she has been doing as a sophomore,” said Richard Olenick, Ph.D., professor of physics. But when her experience fell short of her expectations, she turned to outside resources for support. cognitive sci, neurobiology, neuroscience). Editorial Office: 1 Research Road, Ridge, NY 11961-2701 | Phone: 631.591.4000 She Without his support and guidance, I don't believe I would have received this award [my junior year]. Staff Science Writer: Rachel Gaal Velasco being the third UD award recipient in the past two years. The American Physical Society (APS) is a nonprofit membership organization working to advance the knowledge of physics. In honor of their achievement, APS offered a free one-year membership to the new Goldwater scholars. "Our physics department has around 30 students per year," Coleman said. In the process, Nate appreciated the opportunity to practice applying for competitive … University in Austin. to go on to earn a Ph.D. in nuclear or particle physics and conduct research. During WISE, I began working on my current project under the supervision of my NMC mentor, Rohana Wijewardhana.". gone on to attain excellence in math and science. This was the [class] where I first had the idea that led to my research project.". , University of Dallas. Photos courtesy of Luisa Velsco. ", Now with the application process behind him, Coleman says it has prepared him in the best way for graduate school. "Since winning [the scholarship] I have gained confidence in my own abilities, and become more determined to continue working hard," she said. Students. Each applicant is encouraged to tell the story of their future goals, and explain their research intentions. He had conducted research in Japan his freshman year, learning about spectroscopy and fabrication of 2D materials, but was not chosen as a scholar. O’Neel-Judy is now working on an original project in mathematical physics — coming up with a way to model spacetime that is more visually intuitive. presented her work from Jefferson Labs at the American Physical Society. ", Not deterred by his first application, Renaud recommends applying for the scholarship despite any shortfalls that you think exist in your resume.