endobj This is why the Bible commands us not to get drunk. But all people are sinners, even the great patriarchs like Noah. [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] Even those who might have been interested were unwilling to step out on that room for fear of ridicule from their own friends. His father did give him his name hoping that somehow Noah would bring rest to a race that was weary with living because of the effects of the curse on the world. I would say it was a pretty important task. He would leave the ark and enter a much harsher world, one with much shorter longevity, extreme temperatures, new diseases, and natural disasters. Notice to that no volcanoes erupted onto the ark, no mountains pierced the whole, no gangs of humans set fire to it and sank it, He protected it even during the flood and made sure that Noah and his family got through it safely. Murderers like Lamech apparently went unpunished.

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A Word Study Example in James 2. Go out of the ark.

His father was Lamech (a different Lamech than the murderer in Genesis 4:19-24). For each of these cases, those who believed in Him would be spared.

This takes a lot of time and hard work as well as the growing expense of running the website. He simply obeyed because of his faith. Who wrote what we know about him?When was it written?Where did he live?What were the conditions of life at the time? The story of creation and the fall gradually and conveniently faded from their memories. Fewer and fewer even pretended to. 6:5-7) to the New Testament (Eph. ���� JFIF �� C

The result was people acted according to what was right in their own eyes. Thank you!

If God were to build another ark (not going to happen), would he choose you?

/BitsPerComponent 8 No. A few people might have became more interested when the animals started showing up on their own. God wasn’t going to destroy the entire human race. 7)

The first thing most people will notice when reading the earlier chapters of Genesis is the extremely long age of the patriarchs who lived then. (1) The name is first mentioned in Gen_4:18-24. Noah and his family entered the door of the ark and God closed the door.

120 years later, and with virtually no warning, it came.

Would you stand out as being righteous or are you basically the same as everybody else?

A lazy person would likely delay delay delay until it was too late to finish, but not Noah. The fact that he was able to finish this mammoth project with likely very little help outside of his own family is a testament to the abilities God has given man at all times and ages.