The assistant straightened her hair once more then stepped back. Soon afterwards, Count Rumford, requiring a lecturer on chemistry for the recently established Royal Institution in London, opened negotiations with him, and on the 16th of February 1801 he was engaged as assistant lecturer in chemistry and director of the laboratory. At its head is an elected headman (Schuize, Dorfvorsteher, &c.), with a small body of assistants (Schoffen, &c.). The company, or rather, the wardens, the assistants and livery presented a petition to the lord mayor, which was answered by the discontented craftsmen.
draper's assistant until he enlisted into the army in the early summer of 1915. Promotional purses can be purchased from retailers such as Gift Assistants USA or 4 Imprint.

She could accept there was a magic way to move between places, if she was able to accept being the personal assistant to a vampire. Denise may be a single mom, but she has an arsenal of personal assistants and other helpers to make her life a little easier.

On Hare's departure from Cambridge in 1832, Thirlwall became assistant college tutor, which led him to take a memorable share in the great controversy upon the admission of Dissenters which arose in 1834.

He was brought up to the medical profession, and in 1862 was appointed assistant professor of chemistry at the St Petersburg academy of medicine.

Helping healthcare assistants to gain higher qualifications could alleviate the serious shortage of nurses in Britain. The first-class residents of the double provinces are assisted by about twelve residents and assistant residents of subordinate rank. Having returned to Gottingen in 1816, he was at once appointed by Benhardt von Lindenau his assistant in the observatory of Seeberg near Gotha. Clinics are often staffed by physician's assistants or nurse practitioners. assistant curate at St John the Baptist Parish Church Kirkheaton, Huddersfield from 1967 to 1971. In 1863 he was appointed assistant district attorney of Erie (disambiguation)|Erie county, of which Buffalo is the chief city. As such, executive administrative assistants have to have skills and abilities to handle a number of specialized tasks. He graduated from Brown University in 1858, studied law in the office of Abraham Lincoln, was admitted to the bar in Springfield, Illinois, in 1861, and soon afterwards was selected by President Lincoln as assistant private secretary, in which capacity he served till the president's death, being associated with John George Nicolay (1832-1901).
Continuing Education: Continuing education is required to maintain certification.

In 1803 he was appointed assistant librarian of the institute of Bologna, and soon afterwards was reinstated as professor of oriental languages and of Greek. Decent hand know show you pfister pt assistant if they're not. A specialty shop will have knowledgeable sales assistants who can give you good advice and information and steer you to your best purchase. harangued the referee 's assistant, who was left in a heap.

The system of pluralities carried with it, as a necessary consequence, systematic non-residence on the part of many incumbents, and delegation of their spiritual duties in respect of their cures of souls to assistant curates. Going along the corridor, the assistant led Rostov to the officers' wards, consisting of three rooms, the doors of which stood open. He was instructor in history at Harvard in 1883-1887, assistant professor in 1887-1897, and became professor in 1897. assistant professor of psychology at the University of Denver (Colorado ). Self-esteem is at the heart of the program, says Lynda Mitchell, the assistant district attorney who runs the program.

The assistant squatted over her mid-section and fanned out her hair, positioning and repositioning it around her head.

In 1764, with the aid of his assistant, William Irvine (1743-1787), he further measured the latent heat of steam, though not very accurately.

Preference will be given to advanced graduate students and untenured assistant professors and instructors. A number of companies and professionals are looking to virtual assistants to help them with scheduling, maintaining their websites, composing letters and press releases and other general office tasks. The more we can provide classroom assistants in schools the better. From 1886 he was assistant land commissioner of the Florida Southern Railroad. From 1829 to 1834 he taught Biblical criticism and Oriental languages at the Strassburg Theological School; he then became assistant, and afterwards, in 1836, regular professor of theology at that university.

Besides the usual magistrates in these territories, there is a chief magistrate, resident at Cape Town, with two assistants in the territories. In this post he was responsible for several improvements in the service; and when the Civil War opened he accompanied Scott, then assistant secretary of war, to the front. The administration of justice throughout the presidency is conducted by a high court at Bombay, consisting of a chief justice and seven puisne judges, along with district and assistant judges throughout the districts of the presidency. Having become assistant to Carlos Guillelmo Moesta (1825-1884), director of the observatory at Santiago, in 1859, he was associated with the Chilean geodetic survey in 1864. 5. In February 1996 I was successful in becoming an administrative assistant in the School. There is a special office of inspection of railways with a chief inspecting officer (salary £1400) and an assistant staff.